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Global Vaccines Market Analysis 2018, Business Guidelines & Overview

Vaccines Market

Global Vaccines Market with Focus on China: Industry Analysis and Outlook (2018-2022) Report provides an extensive research on the fast-evolving Vaccines Market. It also gives competitive landscape of the leading companies with regional and global analysis of the market till 2022.

The immune system is considered as the body’s natural defense against germs. When a germ enters the body, the immune system sends special cells to fight it off. The immune system is not naturally strong enough to prevent a disease from seriously harming a person. But there’s a way to give the immune system a boost, it is known as vaccine.

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A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a specific disease. A vaccine naturally contains an agent that resembles a disease causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its surface proteins or toxins. The administration of vaccines is called vaccination. Vaccination is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases. Widespread immunity due to vaccination is largely responsible for the worldwide eradication of smallpox and restriction of diseases such as polio, measles and tetanus.

The report profiles the key players of the market including –

  • Merck & company
  • Sanofi
  • Pfizer
  • GlaxoSmithKline

The U.S. is a major contributor to the global vaccines market supported by increasing disposable income of the population and mass awareness of newly developed vaccines in the region. Also, research and development efforts to develop new vaccines to prevent the population from infections and diseases fueled the growth of vaccines market.

The report discusses the major growth drivers and challenges of the market, covering –

  • S.
  • India
  • China

The global vaccines market is expected to grow in future due to –

Increasing Disposable Income, Rising Healthcare Expenditure, Increasing Demand For HPV Vaccines And Rapid Urbanization.

Key trends of this market include –

Global Uptake of Routine Immunization, Emergence of New and Innovative Vaccines and Increase in Global Vaccines Expenditure Per Capita by Country.

However, there are some factors which can hinder the market growth including stringent legal norms, risks associated with manufacturing and transportation and slow progress of research and development.

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Table of Content:

  1.  Overview
    1.1 Vaccine
    1.2 Types of Vaccines
    1.3 Vaccine Industry
  2.  Global Vaccines Market
    2.1 Global Vaccines Market by Value
    2.2 Global Vaccines Market Forecast by Value
    2.3 Global Vaccines Market by Diseases
    2.4 Global Vaccines Market by Product
    2.4.1 Global Tail Products by Value
    2.4.2 Global Tail Products Forecast by Value
    2.4.3 Global New and Pipeline Products by Value
    2.5 Global Vaccines Market Value by Country Type
    2.6 Global Vaccines Market Volume by Country Type
    2.7 Global Vaccines Market by Region
  3.  Regional Vaccines Market
    3.1 The U.S.
    3.1.1 The U.S. Vaccines Market by Value
    3.1.2 The U.S. Vaccines Market Forecast by Value
    3.2 India
    3.2.1 India Vaccines Market by Volume
    3.2.2 India Private Vaccines Market by Value
    3.2.3 India Private Vaccines Market Forecast by Value
    3.2.4 India Private Vaccines Market by Vaccine Type
  4.  China Vaccines Market
    4.1 China Vaccines Market by Value
    4.2 China Vaccines Market Forecast by Value
    4.3 China Vaccines Market by Type
    4.3.1 China Type 1 Vaccines Market by Value
    4.3.2 China Type 1 Vaccines Market Forecast by Value
    4.3.3 China Type 2 Vaccines Market by Value
    4.3.4 China Type 2 Vaccines Market Forecast by Value
    4.4 China Type 2 Vaccine Product Market
    4.4.1 China HPV Vaccines Sales Volume Forecast
    4.4.2 China HPV 4 Vaccines Sales Forecast by Value
    4.4.3 China HPV 9 Vaccines Sales Forecast by Value
    4.4.4 China Selected Vaccines Penetration
  5.  Market Dynamics
    5.1 Growth Drivers
    5.1.1 Increasing Disposable Income
    5.1.2 Rising Healthcare Expenditure
    5.1.3 Increasing Demand for HPV Vaccines
    5.1.4 Rapid Urbanization
    5.2 Key Trends
    5.2.1 Global Uptake of Routine Immunization
    5.2.2 Emergence of New and Innovative Vaccines
    5.2.3 Global Vaccines Expenditure Per Capita by Country
    5.3 Challenges
    5.3.1 Slow Progress in Research and Development Activities
    5.3.2 Stringent Legal Norms
    5.3.3 Risks Associated with Manufacturing and Transportation
  6.  Competitive Landscape
    6.1 Global Market
    6.1.1 Global Vaccines Market Share by Company
    6.1.2 Revenue and Market Cap Comparison
    6.2 Indian Market
    6.2.1 India Private Vaccines Market Share by Company
  7.  Company Profiles
    7.1 Merck & Company
    7.1.1 Business Overview
    7.1.2 Financial Overview
    7.1.3 Business Strategies
    7.2 Pfizer
    7.2.1 Business Overview
    7.2.2 Financial Overview
    7.2.3 Business Strategies
    7.3 Sanofi
    7.3.1 Business Overview
    7.3.2 Financial Overview
    7.3.3 Business Strategies
    7.4 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
    7.4.1 Business Overview
    7.4.2 Financial Overview
    7.4.3 Business Strategies

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