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Tobacco and Anti-Smoking Aids Market aligns with consumer demand for customization

Orbis Research has announced the addition of the “Global Tobacco and Anti-Smoking Aids Market” by company, by country, and by application/type for the competitive landscape analysis.


“Top Trends in Tobacco and Anti-Smoking Aids 2017”, explores the latest consumer and innovation trends in cigarettes and smoking tobacco, cigars and cigarillos, smokeless tobacco, and e-cigarettes and smoking alternatives.

The report outlines the key consumer and innovation trends currently impacting the core categories in tobacco. These include NPD that aligns with consumer demand for customization or appeals to the experimental consumer (e.g. through exploring alternative ingredients and methods of delivery for tobacco).

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Companies Mentioned

  1. Natural American Spirit
  2. Marlboro
  3. Meridiano
  4. Lucky Strike
  5. Baisha
  6. Liquid Designer Shake & Vape
  7. Vype Pebble
  8. Swisher Sweets
  9. Vasco Da Gama
  10. UltraBio
  11. Avatar FX
  12. Mademoiselle
  13. Benson & Hedges
  14. Gizeh

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– There are five core smoking groups: traditional, occasional/social, novelty, premium, female.

– Tobacco flavor types are the most popular, appealing most to European and North American smokers, while in other regions consumers demonstrate a stronger preference for fruity and minty/floral tobacco flavors.

– Occasional/social smoking is more pronounced in the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups, while regular smoking increases with age.

– The nature of experience is changing. Encouraging smokers to share their experiences with others is vital to achieving steady sales growth.

– Consumers in the Asia-Pacific region are more than twice as likely as those in Latin America to view smoking as helping them to socialize with others.

Reasons to buy

– Identify the top trends driving the tobacco sector.

– Gain insight into the key consumer segments that are most likely to be a key focus for innovation.

– Put innovative products into context by connecting them to specific consumer trends and needs.

– Gain insight and inspiration for innovation.

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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Smoker Profiles Overview
  • The Traditional Smoker
  • The Occasional/Social Smoker
  • The Novelty Smoker
  • The Premium Smoker
  • The Female Smoker
  • Conclusions
  • Appendix


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